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A new blog for watercolorists!!!

September 13, 2008

I am happy to announce that i have just created a new blog on watercolor. In each corner of this world people practice watercolor from the childhood. We like to wet our brush, dab it in colors and paint over a surface. sometimes there is no reason behind it and sometimes it has a really deep thinking. But whatever it would be brilliant colors flow over the wet surface and create numerous forms. The unpredictable forms, the sudden mixing of colors have their own sense. The freshness, the brightness are the soul of a watercolor painting. May be that is the reason a small watercolor gets importance among the huge oil paintings or acrylic paintings.
To me watercolor is a daily need! Without it i feel like i am missing something. My work may not be of professional quality, but i just love to paint. I know many people think in this way. This blog is just for them. If you are searching for very professional paintings(cool looks, great compositions, perfect arrangement of space, expressive moods and so on!), i am afraid you would be disappointed. But if you are looking for the magic of watercolor, you are in the right place.
Here by i am requesting you, the watercolorists, to please share your feelings, your gallery links, your techniques and whatever you want related to watercolor. you can also post some small images, or i can add them for you, linked with your own galleries. I am not very much familiar with blogging, so sometimes i need help for editing this. So what are you waiting for? Come and share!!!


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