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Painting a Mountain

September 4, 2011

Painting a mountain or a peak is not so easy. The main problem I faced was how to achieve the different level of depth. The color of the sky has a great deal with the color of the mountain. Defining the ridges is also very difficult. As a whole it should look like a 3D object not a 2D one. We can go for block drawing and then paint or a detailed drawing. Here is an example. I took a reference image of a peak and I don’t know the name. If you know, please notify me. I prepared a quick sketch to understand the highlight, midtone and shadow. I always feel that a pencil sketch before final painting is very helpful and it could be used as a reference. Here is my sketch.

Can we transfer it into watercolor? Let’s try. Here I am going to paint the same image in two different approaches. First I took a handmade paper. Those who are not familiar with handmade paper can image it as the chip version of Fabriano 300 GSM textured watercolor paper. For me it is chip and readily available in the market. Main problem of such papers is you can not draw in detail and erase wrong lines frequently, because after rubbing ¾ time on the same are, paper comes out. So we have to be very conscious about drawing. Here is the painting. Color could not be detected by my chip scanner and I didn’t waste time in photoshoping. Here is the example.

Next approach is to paint it on a low textured paper. We can draw in detail and can paint also. But here the problem is you have to be careful of the color flow. Color can drip as the paper has little strength to hold the color. Here is the example.

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  1. Very good examples. What paper did you use for the second paper? I like the sky in the first painting very much but overall I like the second paper better because the look is more consistent throughout.

    • Anindya permalink

      thanks a lot for the comment. in both of the cases i have used very chip quality papers. first one is handmade paper which i intended to discard because it doesn’t have consistency in thickness. second paper i have used is called “buff cartridge board” paper in India. it is most probably 200 gsm. since it is a locally made paper it has no sign of gsm or texture type. you can have a look on my gallery here all the paintings i post here are only for blog. also the size of the painting is not larger than A4 sheet. i face problem in small area. ideally i prefer 22″ X 30″ full sheet paper. for ‘actual’ painting i use matte paper, good quality handmade paper and buff cartridge paper (not board). i shall try to post a topic on paper quality and sample of papers available in India. frankly speaking i don’t have money to buy costly foreign papers for regular works. also quality of pigments is an important factor. i use local colors which are not of good quality as they lose their brightness after drying. Winsor Newton has a range of very good quality watercolors, but they are out of my reach. for example for cobalt blue i can only use ‘cobalt blue hue’ which is close to the original pigment. after getting a job i must buy a set of Winsor Newton watercolor set.

      • morya permalink

        I love you

  2. The mountain is the Matterhorn in switzerland…

  3. morya permalink

    this mountain is in Switzerland the name is Matterhorn

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