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Watercolor without BRUSH?!!!

October 23, 2011

Is it possible? Yeah! But how? Well, technically I can not say that I did not use brush but yes I did not use the tip(the hairy part) of a brush. I dripped colors here and there and scratched with the tail of a brush. Some color splashes were done randomly. See the result. Nice, na? I shall look forward to work like that in future. Enjoy 😀

A Rapid Sketch


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  1. And there are many, many other brushless methods… Well done!

  2. Anindya permalink

    yeah, you are right. but watercolor is such a medium that there are some limitations. at some point we can not do ‘more’ on a watercolor unless we force it to mixed media. thanks for your comment. 😀

  3. watercolor lover permalink

    Amazing work man! keep it up. 😀

  4. This is so filled with energy, Anindya! Good job!

    • Anindya permalink

      thanks 🙂

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