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Mixed Media Collage

December 6, 2011

During my Bachelor of Fine Arts course I used to collect lots of fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Elle etc. Now they are collecting dust. My mom asked me whether we can sell them to the old paper and magazines buyer guy. I was thinking what should I do with them – collage? But that is not my medium. So I looked around and found lots of waste handmade papers, unused earth colors and acrylics and piled up old mount boards. Bingo! I got an idea! Why should not I try something new with those unused and waste materials? It’s time to work. I pasted handmade papers on old mount boards (and believe me the process is so hectic), and coated with Zinc Oxide mixed with white plastic emulsion. Base was ready. Layouts were done. Till now I have produced 10 paintings with them. Here I am posting a few. I like the whole process and outcomes. I also look forward to work in this manner a bit more.



The Meal





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  1. Impressive work coming out of garbage..

    • Anindya permalink

      thanks. for more you can visit

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