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Back Again!!!

March 4, 2012

Hi all. Hope everybody is doing well. After a long silence I am back with my colors. Sometimes time steals colors from our life. It seems we are trapped inside a well from where we might not come out ever. But we keep on trying to see the light, to breathe in the fresh air. When you look around you see the whole world is moving on. So why not we? I cannot say that I have recovered from the state but am trying to find a way where a streak of light could be seen. I cannot discuss the reason behind (may be someone somewhere is reading this!)  but I hope some of you can guess (hint: ever green classic problem). Anyways now a days I don’t have much time to work with watercolor as I have joined a company (at last someone thinks I have some value!). So there was a fear whether I am loosing my skills. I tried two simple landscapes in watercolor. The first one is of 22in X 28in of size and the second one is of 1/4th of it. I guess still I can brush up my skill. What do you think?

Simple Landscape - 01

Simple Landscape - 02


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