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Paintings of Frustration

April 2, 2012

Hi all. Hope you are doing well. Have you passed through any situation where you know the start and end but have no clue of in between? Is not it confusing? Obviously I am not talking about a math problem! A situation in reality. Whatever the way you choose will lead you to the end. Something similar is happening in my life. So for the next few days I shall be posting some paintings which together will tell you a story. I know the start and end point, but have little hint how it will flow. I haven’t decided any title of the story, but am sure I shall have one by the end of it. I can tell you the theme – it is all about frustration. You are welcome to experience the journey. no other colors except black and red will be used through out.

My mom asked me,”What about her?”
I said, “She is ‘away’.”
“Where exactly?”, Mom again asked me.
I replied, “To a new world…”
Mom said, “Oh, then she is moving out of your life.”
I said… nothing, I started painting.

Painting – 01 হতাশার বুদবুদ

হতাশার বুদবুদ (bubbles of frustration)


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  1. riyajshaikh permalink

    ohh…looking forward ! conversation is as engaging as painting

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