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Painting of Frustration: Endless Void

April 23, 2012

An endless void I was living in. there was no one except me and a few bubbles of my frustration. Once there were many faces around me. I was excepting a few of them – at least one particularly. But time had taken them all. Or I had been shifted to a different time frame. I could not understand. All I felt was the void. I had never been so lonely before.

What was the color of void? Yes, I could perceive. It was white only. Like a paper without a stain of color. Certainly a question of existence arose then. Existence needs relativity. There was no reference point from where I could locate myself. I did not even know from where those bubbles were coming from. Did they really exist? Or did ‘I’ exist at all?  Here I was allowed to move freely. But I could not move. I screamed. Did I? Why I could not hear a single word. So, even the sound left me behind. I started watching those bubbles. At least I could spend time as much as I wanted as watch lost its needles.

অসীম শূন্যতা (Endless Void)


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  1. Absolutely creative. I am captured by the words you wrote and the imagery in this painting. Very interesting and unique!

    • Anindya permalink

      thanks! this is a new series i am creating. though it is all about my frustration facing these days, still it evokes my creative thinking every day.

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