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Painting of Frustration: Broken Image

April 29, 2012

the bubbles I was talking about might be generated from my brain only. So no one could see them, even I. How does it feel when you can sense thousands of intangible objects have gathered around you but you can not touch a single one? I was becoming mad to SEE at least one. Oh! God. Each one was one enclosure. Sizes were not fixed. Sometimes they seemed to be a screen reflecting some old silent moving pictures of which I could make out a few. But not distinctively. Who were they? “Mom, do I know them?”, I cried. No answer was received. I turned back. Did I? No difference I could find. ‘Then I closed my eyes’. But it did not help me. Like an animal dying of thirst on a desert, I was trying to hear a word. But alas! There was no option left except watching those broken images. Hope one day I could see the whole picture.

Broken Picture খণ্ড চিত্র


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