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Journey Through Infinite

May 8, 2012

I was moving. Rather I would like to say I was taking a flight. I did not know where I was going ā€“ upward or downward. I felt so light that it seemed that I could go to anywhere. But could I? No, something was guiding me. So I was moving towards a particular destiny which was predetermined but unknown to me. Same sort of bubbles occurred on the way. I collided with a few of them, but they did not hurt me! After a few minutes or a couple of hours or a few days (I could not make out the exact time as needles of a clock had stopped moving) I heard some sound. It was a kind of noise. It seemed someone was whispering in a very low voice. My auditory sense became proactive. Did she want to tell me something? Was she scared of? Did she need my help? Was there anyone else? Questions remained unrequited. I was waiting to reach her. Once in my lifetime I could get my answers, I hoped.

Journey through infinite


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