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In a Floating World-01

May 28, 2012

I was talking about the generation of my bubbles of frustration. Where did they actually exist? In a ‘floating world”? Surely it was not connected with Ukiyo. But yes it might have derived from a void to release me from the mundane life. So everything was happening in a space where there was no gravity. You and I were in a state of float. My ideation manifested only inside a bubble. She was floating – inside a bubble of frustration. But physics says there must be a fluid to get a floating object. Was it the same for a paranormal condition? Let’s analyze… what did the fluid consist of? What we got and what we didn’t; what we wanted and what we didn’t, what was expected and what was returned; our love, hatred, happiness, sorrow – all of those made a colloid of frustration where every bit of such human experience was suspended. Frustration is, therefore, a smoking fluid eventually generated by our insatiate souls. But why am I discussing this? An insatiate soul may be… I decided to paint a few like this.

In a Floating World-01


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