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The Shift

June 4, 2012

She was floating. And I was watching her. From where? I don’t know. Gradually I felt that she was not ‘comfortable’ inside the bubble. She wanted to get out of that. So my bubble of frustration let her go. She drifted through the void and was about to merge with another one. Did I create the new bubble? The answer could be either yes or no. The bubbles of frustration propagated from one generation to another and at a point it was impossible to distinguish which one was created by whom. Because all of them looked the same. Only sizes were different. If she thought she would be ‘comfortable’ inside the new bubble, it was a mistaken belief, because she had her own bubble of frustration that had driven her to leave the first. I could see another one has been propagating inside the new bubble. Who knows she could try to escape anew.

The Shift


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  1. watercolor lover permalink


  2. Very awesome, Anindya.

    • Anindya permalink

      thanks Leslie. your comments and works always inspire me. 😀

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