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The Ride

June 15, 2012

“How fascinating it is to see them”, suddenly I heard those words. And I turned. She was standing my my side. It was completely unexpected. I could never imagine she would come to me. I did not touch her. Honestly, I had a fear flowing inside my heart… if she was not there at all. Let her be what she was. But I looked at her eyes. They were shining and wanted to tell me something. Since we were in a void space, it was impossible to communicate verbally. I did not utter a single word. I was trying to grab the frequency coming out of her brain. A few vague words were echoed deep inside the well of my thoughts and I wanted to measure the depth. I discovered that she needed to be ‘uplifted’. She was not interested in staying on the same plane with me any more. So my bubble of frustration gave her a flight to the time and space that she thought it would be a world of fascination.

The Ride


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  1. Aditi Jha permalink

    this reminds me about your thought on building a shield of men when you see a girl in front of you …lolz…. but the piece is good.

  2. I like this one very much. The elongated arms and the circle she sits on repeated in the circles left of her hand. Very cool. I think these paintings can be interpreted many different ways as each viewer brings their personal experience to them. I like that.

    • Anindya permalink

      thank you Leslie. 🙂 an artist first tries to convey his or her expression/feelings through art. but he or she can not define any boundaries of thinking to the viewers. when an art touches every body in different way in a form of more intimate or personal stand point, it becomes more ‘acceptable’. i hope when i shall have a sufficient number of paintings like this (and of course a handful of money), i shall try to publish them in printed format.

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