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Now i want to name some of the books on watercolor i like. all these books do not follow or direct the learners to learn in the same way. but one can gain clear idea what watercolor can achieve.

  1. Solving The Mystery of Watercolor by David Taylor and Ron Ranson

review: this book deals with the bold and loose techniques of watercolor. Taylor was able to catch the mood beautifully. most difficult and complex scenes have been simplified by his vivid brush strokes. besides the texts are lucid and worth reading. it helps me a lot.


2. Mastering Atmosphere & Mood in Watercolor by Joseph Zbukvic

review: Wow! this is awesome! i don’t want to write anything about this book because this is a everyday reference to me. whenever i start watercolor i make sure this book is in my hand! i follow every steps (especially the “watercolor clock”, and the “consistency” of colors when to apply and where to apply). and believe me, my watercolor techniques are nourished by the this book. constant practice with using this book as a reference must develop your painting. as i am a student, i had to work had to earn money to buy this book. and this book satisfies me 100%. if you seriously read and use this book i must tell you color drops must fall on the pages while working(you have to stop your painting and watch how he did in this condition!!!).


3. David Bellamy’s Watercolour Landscape Course by David Bellamy

review: if you are fond of intimate detailed watercolor, this book is for you. David Bellamy did the landscapes marvelously. this book also contains some exercises. but i must say this is very difficult to achieve such painting for a beginner. to my opinion mood is somehow lacking. still it is a good book.


4. Watercolor by Milind Mulick

5. Perspective by Milind Mulick

review: these two Indian books are worth watching. Milind Mulick is a renowned watercolorist in India. his speciallity is bright and fresh colors. also his works are eye cathing. his works are not large( even of half sheet) but have the appeal. again atmosphere and mood are lacking. i don’t know whetherthey are available outside India, but they are cheap and collectible.


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