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  • Brushes

Based on the material brushes are of two types – natural hair brush and synthetic brush. sable brushes or the natural hair brushes are very good to work with, also you can go for good quality synthetic brushes. but to my opinion first one is preferable. don’t buy too many of them and try to avoid the small numbered brushes. buy no. 6, 8, 10, 12 and if possible go for giher number(like no. 14, 16,… 24 etc.) according to your need. keep only one low number brush for some detail works. buy a 2″ or 3″ flat synthetic brush for wetting the page. check the tip of the brushes while buying. after finishing the painting wash them well. also clean them with detergent once in a week to keep them long lasting.

Depending on the shape of the brush there are many types – round head(mostly used), flat head, mop, rigger, Chinese, chisel, fan etc. but you don’t have to bother about all of them. just buy a few best quality round head sable hair brushes(of course according to your pocket!) and go on painting!

  • Paper

Choosing a paper is entirely of your choice. some artists prefer rough surface papers for loose color approach, some prefer smooth surface for detailed works. personally i like medium roughness as works can vary from a broad wash to careful detailing.

  • Pigment

Watercolor should not be seen as a “paint”. it is constituted with two distinct ingredients- the water and the pigments. if you see a color chart you would be confused as a wide range of tints are available based on the very basic colors.  you do not have a to buy all of them. a handful of primary colors can create a good painting. use of too many colors not only creates mixing problem but also lack the essence of the mood of watercolor. some important colors i am listing below:

  1. lemon yellow
  2. cadmium yellow
  3. raw umber
  4. vermilion red
  5. scarlet red
  6. burnt umber
  7. burnt sienna
  8. cobalt blue
  9. french ultramarine blue
  10. cerulean blue
  11. sap green/ hookers green
  12. natural tint
  13. lamp black(if not available ivory black)
  14. opaque white

watch it, almost all the tints are available in the above range. invest as more as you can in the pigments, because cheap pigments fade out very quickly and can not retain the exact color what you see before drying(believe me! it is a very depressing situation when you see colors change with drying!).

  • Palette

You must have a large sized palette. please do not use a dinner plate. you should have the freedom to move your brush and mix the colors in the palette. palette containing shallow grooves is ideal as it resists to mix two or more color mixtures.

  • Water container

Water container should be large and can hold plenty of water. small quantity gets dirty very soon and causes muddy effect on the painting. use two containers- one for washing the brushes and other for access fresh water.

  • Other Items

Whatever you think is helpful to your works, use it without any hesitation. an old knife blade, a hand spray or even a kitchen napkin can serve certain purpose. for supporting the paper you need a board(get a piece of plywood), clips, tapes etc.

  1. Do you recommend the Aqua Pro Palette?

    • Anindya permalink

      hi Ash. honestly speaking i don’t know what is Aqua Pro Palette. i am an ordinary artist. i practice painting with readily available materials. i cannot afford pro quality colors or papers. but i think it does not matter. if we are able to create anything what is around us with limited resources, they are more fascinating than going for an “artist” quality. thing of tribal arts, they use only a few earth colors. still they have a universal pool. obviously, this is my personal opinion.

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