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First of all I must confess that I am not a good portrait artist. There are many good and tremendously talented artists around us who can do far better portraits than me. My area of interest is landscape and more specifically cityscape. Still why should not I try? Here is one example I did only for my blog. First we must sketch the portrait perfectly and understand light. If this is done, almost half of our work is finished (if you give me a proper sketch I can fill it with color in no time 😉 ). In this case I have used a low textured local paper. If you want detail you should take paper of this kind. Here I have used Fuzi photo color and normal watercolor. Fuzi color has a good quality flesh tint. I covered up the whole are with it except a few areas which would suggest highlight such on the nose and lip. After drying I used a mild darker tone of the flesh tint for giving the shadow. Notice you might not find any hard age around as we do not have any hard/ sharp edges on our face. Everything should blend properly. If you create a hard edge by mistake, use a wet brush and spread over the edges. This will help you to smoothen the surface. Final output is in front of you. Next I shall post a few tips.

Portrait 01

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